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Fri Feb 23, 2018

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Adding A Site: All listings are FREE*

Both business and personal sites are welcome.

Before a site is submitted, you must ensue that you are within the appropriate locality. For example, a real estate business in Milton NSW can only place a listing within the Milton locality. Placing the listing anywhere else is likely to see the listing rejected or reallocated to the right place if the localguide is in a good mood. The only exception to this rule is as follows: If the localguide does not currently have a specific page set up for your locality, then you are permitted to enter your listing under the region or area which covers that locality. For example, the Brooman locality in NSW does not currently have a specific page. Therefore, a business which operates out of Brooman would be permitted to place their listing under the Shoalhaven - which is the region that covers Brooman. If enough businesses in Brooman place a listing (a minimum of 5), then a specific section will be created for them. All Brooman listing would then be gathered up and moved to this new section.

All site submissions are verified by a "localguide" before they become visible to the users of this site. Sites which contain adult themes or content which maybe deemed offensive or illegal will more than likely be refused. There are plenty of other places which such sites can be listed with that are less public and restricted solely to an adult audience.

You should also give your entry details plenty of thought. This is a unique opportunity to reach an audience which is expecting "localised" content. We suggest that you create your listing by pretending that you're writing a classified advertisement that will be used to promote the products and/or services of your business. The description you eventually enter is limited to 250 characters (30 to 40 words). You'll also be able to submit 20 keywords/phrases which relate to your activities when you place your listing. Once again, careful thought should be given to the types of words or phrases which a potential customer may use to search for your type of business. And finally, you will also have the option of entering a title for your site.

The listings within this site are ranked according to details you supply. This ranking takes into consideration your description, key words/phrases and the site title. This is another important reason to give the submission process plenty of thought.

If you place a listing within this site, it's also likely that we would like to send out an infrequent email to all listees. These emails will typically relate to new developments within the site or enhancements to add even more value. At no time will your email address be sold, rented or loaned to anybody else -it will be treated as confidential information. We hate spam as much as the next person and report all instances where possible to the appropriate authorities. However, we do need a way to stay in touch so we hope this is viewed in a positive manner.

*All listings which relate to Extra Income, Home-Based Business Opportunities, Network Maketing etc must be placed in our sister directory known as the Online Business Directory. That directory is accessible from within the localguide, however is specifically designed to organise sites which relate to full or part time business opportunities. Please don't waste your time trying to submit directly to the localguide. Simply use the previous link to place such sites.

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